Roll Call: USAT Florida Region Club Championship at the 26th Annual Huntington’s Disease Triathlon, July 30, 2017

Greetings from the USAT Florida Region Council

Only 4 weeks till race day!

We are hoping to make this the biggest and best Club Championship Race in the history of the Florida Region, a tall order considering that 240 athletes representing 19 USAT Florida Region Clubs participated in the 2016 race.


Time to rally your Club Athletes to register HERE.

A few changes and reminders to remember:

We have automated the results and scoring, which we tested successfully in the March 2017 Club Championship Race in Clermont, FL.

This means that we will award trophies during the Awards Ceremony immediately following the race to the three Clubs winning each of the divisions, tentatively, < 10 athletes, 11 to 20 athletes, and >20 athletes, so please plan to have your teams hang around after the race.

To facilitate the scoring automation, we must cut off rosters at least several days before the race, so unlike in 2016, there will be no late roster additions or adjustments.  Please email me as we get closer to race day if you would like to confirm your athlete roster.

Additionally, in order for athletes to score Club points, your athlete must answer yes to the Tri Club question and select your Club from the drop down menu, your Club must have a current Florida Region USAT Club registration, the athlete must finish the race, and the athlete must be a USAT Annual Member.

Our goal is to maximize athlete participation. Athletes will score points for relays, sprint and international distance triathlon, the sprint and international distance aqua bike, and all special divisions such as Athena and Clydesdale.

For those athletes already signed up with one day USAT Passes, we will send them a link enabling them to upgrade to a USAT Annual Membership, while applying the credit for monies paid their one day pass.

For complete rules and scoring details for the Club Championship Race, please refer to our USAT Florida Region website at

Feel free to share this link to sign up with your Club Athletes at

As always, I am available for questions via email or telephone call (305-394-7555).



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