Paratriathlon classification changes for 2017

unknownITU just sent the following along for classification for the 2017 season. All athletes (except PTVI) will need to be reclassified moving into the 2017 season.

If you plan on (or want to put your name in the hat to be considered to race) racing at the CAMTRI Paratriathlon Championships in Sarasota in March unknownyou need to make sure to send me the appropriate documents, videos, etc. as soon as possible. Since we are 7 weeks out from the race, I understand you may not be able to accomplish this all in a week. If you can, please send to me by Wednesday, January 25th. If you need more time, please aim to have this all to me no later than Wednesday, February 15th.

If you are not planning on racing at CAMTRI but do plan on racing in ITU races in 2017, please adhere to the 6 week prior to competition deadline.


For all athletes presenting to classification, we would like to remind you about the provisions that apply and that must be taken care of PRIOR to classification:

  • The athlete’s National Federation (USAT) must initiate the process, on behalf of an athlete, by providing medical documentation and any other records to the ITU Head of Classification, or representative, so that the existence of the Eligible Impairment can be verified.
  • Every athlete requiring classification must submit to the ITU, through its National Federation (USAT), no later than six (6) weeks prior the competition, the Physical Impairment (PI) or Vision Impairment (VI) Medical Diagnostics Form and all relevant medical documents. This must also be presented at time of classification.
  • Athletes must provide the classification panel with a copy of the ITU Physical Impairment (PI) Medical Diagnostic Form”, completed by their medical doctor, or the “ITU Visual impairment (VI) Medical Diagnostic Form”, completed by an ophthalmologist.

Forms can be found under the following link:

  • A passport sized photo must be submitted via email or presented at the time of classification.
  • It is mandatory for athletes who have one or more of the medical conditions highlighted on page two of the PI Medical Diagnostics Form, to submit relevant and recent medical information. This could include, but should not be limited to: medical letters and reports detailing medical history, results of radiological examinations, and other diagnostic tests relevant to the athlete’s medical condition. Athletes who have multiple Sclerosis must include an MRI.
  • Failure to provide the required medical documentation during classification where there the athlete does not have evidence of an eligible impairment type, the athlete’s classification will be suspended and the athlete will be allocated a status of “Classification not Complete” (CNC), and will not be able to compete at any ITU event until classification is complete.

Athletes with Neurological Impairments

  • All athletes with a medically diagnosed permanent health condition which presents as an ITU eligible impairment type recognized impairment such as Ataxia, Athetosis or Hypertonia, will undergo a preliminary screen assessment to ensure there are clear signs of such impairment(s).
  • Athletes with Multiple Sclerosis:

cokm_5zuaaay66pIn advance to the competition, these athletes should submit Electromyograms and/or MRI that show a permanent loss of power during activity.

If possible, videos of the athlete swimming and running,
taken from the back (legs and upper torso) and more important, from the side. Videos of 6-10 seconds duration are to be sent to ITU, at time of submitting the athlete’s medical diagnosis form as per the deadlines mentioned above.

If you have any questions, please contact Hector Torres

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