Run Workouts 5k/10k – Part 4

Run workout #4- 800’s @ 5k pace or .05 faster than 5k with 200 recovery jog-1.5 mile warm up, active stretches, 800 of jog the curves/stride the straights, 4 x 800 with 200 recovery jog. The goal of this workout is to “feel” your 5k race pace and repeat the effort. Again we want the smallest variation in the repeats, 3-7 seconds between the fastest and the slowest. Make sure you know the ranges to hit for each 200 and this will make for a much more consistent workout. 1 mile cool down. Beginners start with 4 repeats and advanced can move to 6 repeats. Progressions to this of course would be to increase your repeats and of course increase the speed of each repeat as long as you are able to keep them all consistent with the same recovery.

Heather Butcher – USA Triathlon Coach

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