Run Workouts 5k/10k Focus – Part 1

5k/10k run focus workouts

Winter is a great time to focus on improving your run speed, specifically for those of you racing short course but it is also very beneficial for long course athletes as well. The following 4 run sessions can be repeated and progressed to continue the overload process. Remember with all speed work, the warm up and cool down is critical for injury prevention and workout recovery. All workouts should begin with a 10-15min warm up, active/dynamic stretches and a few strides before starting the main set. Also it is important to start on the lower end if you are new to running and/or haven’t been doing much speed work. If you have access to a track, that is the ideal place for the distance focused workouts as the track is consistent and easier to stay focused without constantly looking at your watch/Garmin.

Run workout #1- 30’30’s: 10-15 min warm up, active stretches, 3-4 .15-.20 strides, 3 x 7 min of .30 faster (not an all out sprint but faster than 5k effort) with .30 easy (not super slow) for 7 min. Then jog easy for 2 min and start the next set of 7 min. Finish with 10 min cool down. For those more advanced, you can extend the cool down. As a progression to this workout, you can increase the duration of your sets (3 x 10 min) or increase the number of sets ( 4 x 7 min) or switch to 1 long set of 20 min of .30/.30’s. This is a tempo based workout so you HR will stay elevated during the entire 7 min. It’s one of my favorite tempo runs since it’s broken up into smaller segments.

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 ba34700780c54f27a9fe32c76b919ee8.ashx Heather Butcher – USA Triathlon Coach

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