Looking forward……

Yes, the training is vital and yes, so is the recovery,…….but how much thought is put into the equipment?
Sure, you have the swim stuff, the bike stuff and the run stuff. And Lord knows it is expensive. Obvious, right?
As triathletes we train and race in equipment and apparel that we feel comfortable in, that we believe
will make us faster and, yes, we think we look good in.
Now here is the less obvious……if you find something that works for you do you buy two, three, or more of it?
A good example…..
A few years ago I had a chance to buy a pair of famous running shoes at a clearance. 50 % off. My size.
I had never had that shoe before. But, what the hell, a great shoe and a great price.
I loved them!!! In fact, I ran in them till there was no more tread. Finally, I had to get to terms that
no matter how much I loved running in them I needed a new pair. No problem, right ?
Ah..ha…when I brought in one of the shoes to show what I wanted to buy I was told that, yes, they
had it in stock and now it is NEW and IMPROVED. I bought the new pair all excited.
Guess what?! The first time I ran in them they were not the same shoes and they were terrible!!!
I actually threw them away after a few runs in them.Rev3-85
This “New and Improved” thing has been around forever. It is an American marketing ploy to sell
more. Just tweak a thing or two, say it is now better and then advertise it as such. People fall head over heels
to buy this “new” product. Just check the supermarket aisles, especially the cereal aisle.  No, you can not re-invent the wheel. If you have a good thing going stop messing with it! Don’t let greed interfere with the integrity of something that is really great.  Now, I know I am not talking to corporate America, so here is some advise.
If you find something that
you really like buy more than one pair, whether it is a tri kit, socks, visor etc. 
In my case, I have found a wonderful new pair of running shoes that I feel great in, are extremely
comfortable and fit so well, in fact, I can run a full marathon in a brand new pair of these with no socks
and have no chaffing or blisters. Even my podiatrist  (Boston qualifier) swears by them, too.
Guess, what?
I have bought four pairs and I am planning on buying more.
Why? I am looking to the future and I don’t buy into the “new and improved” marketing campaigns.
I am stocking up in MY “new and improved” future and saving money in the process.
Rock the swim, the bike, and the run in what works for you….
Some good fodder for the transition area pre-race conversations….
I am looking forward…
Carl Knutsson
USAT Florida Region Council Member
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