November Woman of the Month: Lisa Sandusky


Lisa Sandusky

Age: 46

Hometown: Tampa, FL

USAT Florida Region is so happy to announce our November Woman of the month, Lisa Sandusky. Lisa is a down to earth, hard-working mother of six, triathlon coach and elite athlete. She is amazingly inspirational, positive and focused.

Please check out her bio and be motivated!

About 16 years ago, a friend asked me to join her in a triathlon. While I grew up in athletics, NONE of it included swimming, biking OR running further than 100 yards. It did not take long before I had a brand new addiction! Fast forward several years later and my hobby plus my education (Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology from Auburn- War Eagle!) turned out to be a perfect marriage for coaching other athletes.

It is through the doors of triathlon that God brings me to learn about disappointments, triumphs, grinding it out when necessary and most importantly to value my relationships with my family and friends.

It has been my escape and my teacher and even my therapist at times.

I recently just returned to triathlon after a taking a year off to expand my family. My husband and I adopted three kids ages 8, 8 and 9 years old from Nicaragua. We added them to our already busy family of three beautiful girls ages 12, 15 and 18. I have surrendered to the fact that with such a big family there is NO SUCH THING as normal days. The abnormal day IS the one where everything goes as it should, and I’m still waiting for that. Fortunately, my husband is wonderfully supportive of all this chaos and of course it helps that he loves to mountain bike and train also.

Our faith is an integral part of our lives and as long as we protect that all else seems to fall into place. Lisa3

What inspires me is the veteran coming back from combat with a different body than they left with and finishing a race with a smile that lights up the world. I am inspired by the person who picked up this sport late in life who instead of letting intimidation hold them back they jump right in.   I am inspired by the person who displays grit and refuses to quit whether it be for a Kona slot or swimming without having to hold onto a kayak anymore.

I meet people like this all the time where I train/coach at the Bob Sierra YMCA and Cheval Athletic Club and it keeps me coming back for more all the time.

The coolest thing about racing in the elite category for the first time this year at Lycra and Lace Triathlon was that the winner was 29/30yrs old (not sure but she was young ok?!). I represented the 40+ women as runner up and the 3rd place winner represented the 30’s. Training for me has always felt like trying to piece together a puzzle.  Majority of the work needs to be done while kids are at school and most of it is done solo when the time presents itself.  While I miss out on a lot of weekend group rides, I am thankful for the few training partners I have the can ride during the week. I certainly don’t log in the kind of miles a lot of others do but I can make up for it with periods of focused training.  I can also alternate heavy bike/run weeks instead of trying to fit it all in the same week and I actually think that has kept me from being injured or burned out.  Lisa2

The 2015 race season is being revised now, but it will hold my 5th Ironman at Lake Placid.

My goal will be to complete all my training without having to serve lucky charms for dinner, without falling asleep while reading “Where is My Mom?“ by Dr. Seuss and to not invite anyone to my house that will silently judge me for how dusty my fans are.

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