Regional Athlete Development

On September 7th, the Florida Region Talent ID Series concluded at the Clermont Sprint Series race #4.

Athletes race age 13-15 and 16-19 had the chance to race at six different sprint distance race venues to with their top three score points counting towards the Series podium. The Clermont race was the Series Finale as well as served at the USAT-FL Junior Regional Championship. The top male and female athletes in the 16-19 were eligible to race for the Junior Regional crown.

The Florida Region would like to congratulate the following athletes on their accomplishments in the Series this season.

Sam Geiman- USAT-FL Junior Regional Champion

Caroline Condon-USAT-FL Junior Regional Champion

Talent ID Series podium:

Male 16-19

1. Sam Geiman- Series Junior Champion

2. Tristan Rhodes

3. Graham Pimentel

Female 16-19

1. Caroline Condon- Series Junior Champion

2. Kaileah Blazek

3. Kayla Pratt

Male 13-15

1. Sam Shaffer- Series Youth Champion

2. Corbin Wapshott

3. Ryan Van Middlesworth

Female 13-15

1. Summer Kanstoroom- Series Youth Champion

2. Emily Cooper

3. Stephanie Hernadez

For more information on the camps or races please contact the Regional Athlete Development Coordinator Jennifer (727) 215-6348

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