Rest and Recovery

Rest and Recovery
The workouts you do are as good as the recover that follows. How can you get the best out of each session? If you are like every single triathlete as I see, the coach tells you to cool down and you skip the active recovery and start packing your stuff. You immediately rush to the car to put things away and then jump in the shower to head to work.  Then a couple of days or weeks later, the athlete tells the coach, “I am hurt”, “I am injured”, “I think I pulled something” or something similar. Therefore, to prevent any of these issues to occur you need to make time to stretch. 
Some key components you should keep in mind after a hard workout:
  • Carbohydrate or protein in shake or smoothie
    • Chocolate milk or any recovery product
  • Stretching or rolling in a foam roller
    • Trigger Point Foam Roller or any roller
  • Ice bath or ice cold bath
    • Ice Bath recipe: Fill your bath tub with room temparture water, then sink yourself until your waist and then dump the ice. Wait ten minutes, then come out of the tub and do 20 squats. Then, jump right back in for ten more minutes. 
  • Compression socks
    • You have several compression sock you can buy, however, you have to consider the amount of compression each one has. I recommend CEP socks. 
  • Massage stick
    • You can buy this at any running store. 
It is very important that you make time to recovery and stretching. If you do so, your hard work in training will pay off. 
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