Acupuncture is a modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine in which small needles are inserted in the skin and manipulated to achieve proper Qi flow. It is believed that the balance between yin and yang and the free movement of our vital energy (Qi) will achieve a healthy system. An imbalance in the free flow can lead to low physical performance, illness or both.

In a study by Shahin Ahmedov, acupuncture was shown to “enhance rapid strength in sportsmen” as well as “decrease muscle soreness in athletes”. Specifically, Delayed-onset muscle soreness after a physically exerting athletic event.

Acupuncture treatments help reduce swelling, spasms and inflammation that are common symptoms of injury. Additionally, it can be used to control pain, increase range of motion and help promote healing. Because of it’s broad range of applications, acupuncture can be used during any of the phases of injury. The focus is not only to treat the injury but also to treat any underlying condition that may predispose an individual to injuries. This is especially important when treating chronic or recurrent injuries that interfere with life activities or athletic performance.

In my practice I have worked on professional athletes and local athletes alike. I have treated athletes months before an event to build endurance, lower heart rate, increase muscle and tendon/ligament durability and reduce pain. Acupuncture can also be used the week or day of an athletic event to produce the same desirable effects. In addition I have treated athletes after the event to decrease the muscular pain associated with DOMS. There comes a time when surgery might be necessary to repair a torn tendon or ligament or reset a broken bone. When this happens I treat the athlete immediately following the surgery to speed up the healing process as well as break down the scar tissue acquired during surgery. Needless to say acupuncture is a great ergogenic tool. So stay fit, competitive and pain free with the help of acupuncture.

Examples of injuries treated with acupuncture
-frozen shoulder
-tennis elbow
-runners knee
-hamstring strain
– Achilles tendonitis
-plantar fasciitis
-sciatic pain
-low back strain
-neck pain

Mariryan Heschmeyer, D.O.M, A.P
(352) 262-6885 or (727) 321-6969

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