Evaluate and Goal Setting

With the end of our triathlon season quickly approaching, this is a good time to sit back and reflect on this past season. Evaluate your season with your coach or training partner. Talk about the expectations and goals you had before the season started and discuss whether the outcome was satisfying. What went better than expected and what could have gone better? Try to figure out why things did go well or why they didn’t. I think it is a very good idea to look at your training reports in your training diary because that tells more about how you felt, how much you trained and suffered than just looking at the result list.

Here are a few tips that we encourage all our athletes to do shortly after your last major event:

Take a break from “training” – I believe in taking 3-4 weeks OFF from any structured workout and schedule. At this time, it’s OK to sleep in and let the body recover from our long racing season. You still need to be active, but instead of going out and following a specific schedule, just go for a ride or a run, yes, JUST FOR FUN.

Make a plan for the next season – Now you have the time to write down goals and make a detailed plan for next season. I normally recommend that you select two or three specific races (or periods) where you want to be at your highest level. Find out how much time you can spend on training and how you can get the best results with the time you have. When you know what your goals are and what time you have to achieve your goals, it is time to make a detailed training program. I recommend that you discuss your training program with a coach to get a second opinion on your plans. It is important that both your goals and your training plan are realistic. Otherwise you will very likely get disappointed.

Start your OFF SEASON training – This can be done by incorporating a schedule of training which includes the building of aerobic base, gaining strength and power and improving efficiency with proper technique in all 3 disciplines.  We like to spend 3 months here and focus on the essential components of off season training which I believe is one of the key factors that can determine next year’s season outcome.
Eric Kahl
USAT Certified Coach
Certified Fitness Trainer
(941) 544-5160

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