USA Triathlon Officials: What we do.

USA Triathlon Officials: What we do.


USA Triathlon certified officials strive to ensure fairness for all competitors in USA Triathlon sanctioned multisport events by consistently applying the USA Triathlon competitive rules.

USA Triathlon Certification and Recertification Clinics: How we become officials.

If you’d like to be a USA Triathlon certified official, you must take one of the many certification clinics held by the Florida Regional Officials’ Coordinator. Before the clinic, you must complete a short do-it- at-home “open-book” exam to help you become familiar with the USA Triathlon competitive rules. A three-hour clinic consisting of classroom lecture and discussion is held the day before a race to help you become familiar with the mission of the USA Triathlon officials’ program and the competitive rules. Afterward you will be issued a USA Triathlon officials’ uniform. The next day, you actually officiate at an event under supervision of the head referee.


There is no charge to attend a USA Triathlon certified officials’ clinic and only a few requirements. To become a USA Triathlon official, you must be a member of USA Triathlon, be in good physical condition, weigh less than 215 pounds and be capable of riding for hours at a time as a passenger on a motorcycle.

USA Triathlon officials operate under a category system. During the clinic and your first race you will be a Category 5 official. Afterward you will be classified as a Category 4 official. You then have twelve months to become certified as a Category 3 official. In order to do that, you must officiate at two USA Triathlon sanctioned races under the supervision of the head referee.

Clinics have a limited number of openings. If you’d like to become an official, you should contact the Regional Officials’ Coordinator at as early as possible to reserve your space.

USA Triathlon Competitive Rules

For a complete set of USA Triathlon competitive rules go to multisport/rulebook.aspx.

Upcoming 2013 USA Triathlon Certified Officials’ Clinics

April 27 and 28
St. Petersburg, Florida
St. Anthony’s Triathlon
9 A.M. – 12 P.M. Saturday, April 27
Contact: Tom Reilly (

Others to be announced.


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